Create, Format, Design

As a PowerPoint expert, you will format and design PowerPoint slides for multinational companies and international business consultants by making design edits and formatting text as necessary. You will transform rough, boring slides into visually pleasing, easy to understand presentations. You will need to strictly follow the brand guidelines of the client while working on the presentations. You must have an eye for detail, be organized in the way you work and always be able to consistently meet very strict deadlines each and every time without any exceptions.


  • Following very detailed instructions from both customers and colleagues.
  • Should have some basic knowledge on how to layout and format text and images. Knowledge about fonts, colors and color theory, typesetting, vector/ raster images, image file formats, image resolutions, etc, would be an added bonus.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator would be nice to have.
  • Takes a project/ task from start to completion without any breakdowns in between.
  • Adherence to company systems of time tracking, project tracking, and other applicable systems and processes
  • You must communicate with your colleagues clearly and openly. Never assume anything—if in doubt, always speak up.
  • Teamwork is essential and you must possess the qualities of a team player. Do a search on what these qualities are.
  • You will communicate with customers via email on a daily basis. You should be able to express yourself well in writing and also know the basics of business email etiquettes.
  • Have a ‘do what it takes’ attitude to serve our clients. You are not only providing a service but you are providing a solution to all our clients.
  • Be reliable. We should be able to take your word to the bank because you will ALWAYS do what you say you would.


  • Design, produce and format PowerPoint presentations from rough PPT slides, hand-drawn sketches, Word documents, emails or images.
  • Create pleasing and effective tables, diagrams, graphs, icons, templates etc within PowerPoint as per customer requirements.
  • Have a very thorough knowledge of the customer’s brand guidelines so that all of your work adheres strictly to these guidelines.
  • Communicate (mostly through emails but sometimes through phone/skype calls) on a daily basis with global customers to understand their project details and expectations.
  • Provide rigorous, consistent quality control of each and every presentation before they are delivered to the client
  • Chillibreeze NEVER misses a deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that deadlines are consistently met each and every time for every deck on a daily basis.