Project Administrator Job Description:

We are looking for a person who is a team player and takes ownership in their Project Administrator role. A person who is willing to learn and go the extra mile. A confident and determined person who organized work systematically. This role requires a person responsible for looking at the overall maintenance and infrastructure of the Company.


1. Minimum 12th pass with good communication skill

2. Male Candidates


1. Overlooking and being involved in construction and repair work (concrete, wood, and metal)

2. Need to have basic ideas in small machines.

3. Knowledge in electrical work and planning with the electrical team.

4. Having knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel.

5. Communicate clearly with team members, and officials from different departments.

6. Communicate and negotiate with vendors for purchases.

7. Plan small and big projects and execute to completion efficiently and with quality.

8. Manage people and resources efficiently and effectively.

9. Procuring of products, tools, machines, and other infrastructural need of the company.

Communication and abilities:

1. Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communications skills.

2. Able to conduct research into things, machines, products, and tools as required.

3. Ability to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment and make sound decisions in emergency situations.

4. Keen attention to details reflecting in the execution.

5. Proven logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities, a MUST

6. Demonstrate the ability to work in a fast pace and changing environment.

7. Have the ownership of problems and issues and figuring out resolutions.

8. Speed and accuracy while executing the work.

9. High quality in execution is needed.

10. A person who is willing to go the extra mile and work long hours as and when needed as we serve global customers.

11. A person who can bring different thinking, perspective to the table and innovating new ways in everything we do.

12. A person who can plan well and proactively see potential breakdowns or issues.

13. A person who is well organized and systematic.

14. Should be a team oriented and collaborative person.


1. A humble person who can always take feedback and challenges in a positive manner and look at it as an opportunity.

2. A person with integrity and honesty who is reliable and trustworthy while making any purchases on behalf of the company.

3. A person who takes any commitment given seriously.

4. A person who is looking for a long-term career and growth.

5. A person who can easily adapt the culture of Chillibreeze.

6. Curious to know and eager to learn by herself/himself (90/10).

7. A highly self-motivated and directed person.

8. A person who has the grit and determination to never give up – working in Chillibreeze can be the biggest challenge of your life.